Expo-Flor Ecuador 2018 will take place from September 19th to the 21st, 2018 at the Metropolitan Convention Center of Quito. This is one of the largest international events of its kind, and we are proud to announce that Expo Flor Ecuador 2018 will be the inauguration event of the new Convention Center..

Additional complementary phases have been planned for the Convention Center, turning it into the Bicentennial Centrality, which shall offer several services to satisfy various needs of the inhabitants and visitors of the city of Quito. The following phases to be developed are: Entertainment Arena, two hotel towers, a financial center, a gastronomic center and a shopping center.

The Metropolitan Convention Center is distributed as follows:

– Two 2,500 square meters exhibition halls, each
– A multifunctional auditorium with capacity for 800 people
– One 2,502.80 square meters events hall
– Several work rooms

To this date 60% of the construction has been completed, out of a total of 28,000 square meters of construction. The center is designed to host international events, and, being, as it is, a sustainable building, expects to be certified as LEED construction. The complementary works are planned as follows:

– Cultural area (media library, specialized movie theaters, interactive cultural center) with 5,450 square meters
– Hotel accommodation, 32,500 square meters
– Hotel services, 3,400 square meters
– Business Center, 12,500 square meters
– Commerce and restaurants, 6,400 square meters
– Entertainment Arena, 14,100 square meters

The Metropolitan Convention Center will boost the business development, tourism and productivity of Quito.